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Thursday, 24 June 2010


The Moon is all very well, and is quite pretty in its way.

But how about an installation consisting of a set of rings round it?

We'd need material for the rings, and we'd probably need to put some shepherd satellites in orbit to keep the rings sharp. This implies moving a few asteroids about, a skill that it may well be vital to have developed anyway if a rock looks to be heading our way.

The shepherd satellites would also be needed to keep the rings tilted relative to the plane of the ecliptic so they weren't edge-on. That way we'd get the full impressive effect.

We could rent out projection advertising space on them on a strictly one-day-a-month basis, that day being a new-moon day when they'd probably be at their least naturally spectacular. That should pay the bill, and leave 27 days each month for us to enjoy them...

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