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Friday, 31 December 2010


As any gentleman who, being caught short, has nipped behind a hedge and inadvertently peed on an electric fence will attest, the experience is really quite memorable.  Indeed, so memorable is it that it is an almost perfect Pavlovian conditioner - once shocked, never forgotten.

It seems to me that the womenfolk of a household could put this to good use.  Many complain of poor male aim.  A wire ring powered by a small battery-driven inverter could be concealed invisibly under the flush-ring at the top of a lavatory bowl.  As aim drifted absentmindedly to one side, an automatic reminder would be experienced by the victim person performing an act of nitrogenous excretion.  The voltage could be adjusted from mild-tingly-admonition to contravenes-the-Geneva-Convention, ideally by a wireless remote that could be deployed from the other side of a door...

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