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Friday, 20 May 2011



A street, vertically above which is suspended a computer projector projecting a plain white rectangle onto the pavement.  Beside the projector is a TV camera connected to the same computer.   The computer is analysing the shapes as people walk into view.

It generates a fake shadow for them from the projector, darkening the area of pavement where an imaginary light source to one side would cast a real shadow.  The shadows follow the people apparently casting them just as real shadows would.

But a shadow then detaches from its caster and does a little dance.

Two people's shadows walk away from their casters, shake hands, and then go on each to become the shadow of the other caster.

Two people's shadows pause as their casters walk on, hesitate, then kiss passionately.

One person's shadow detaches and creeps up menacingly behind another person.

A fat person's shadow suddenly becomes thin; a thin person's fat.

A shadow acquires the profile of a famous person.

Suddenly, everyone has an umbrella.

And so on...

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