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Thursday, 9 June 2011


Some time ago I blogged about clothes that sweat for you.  Feet are notoriously sweaty, and this is compounded by our habit of stuffing them into shoes.  Despite the best endeavours of manufacturers to make shoes that allow moisture out but prevent rain coming in (like Goretex), most footwear tends to hold the sweat in, with malodorous consequences.

What's needed is some sort of wick and some sort of ventilation.  But we already have both: socks and sandals.  The only trouble there is that the combination, though intensely practical, is regarded as a fashion faux pas on a par with wearing wellies and a swimsuit to the opera.

Suppose we keep the socks  and do something else for the ventilation?  Specifically, suppose we put little air pumps in the shoe heels so that every step blows a puff of air in at the toes, which then flows up and out at the ankle taking the evaporated sweat with it.

Cool fresh feet, and the more you walk, the cooler and fresher they become...

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Tom Gundry said...

That's a great idea.
I think you should definitely prototype that.

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